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none Led Luminous Flashing Soft Comfortable Light Up Shoes Sneakers For Toddlers Teens & Women Optical Fiber Dance Shoes 5 (from 61 reviews)
Led Luminous Flashing Soft Comfortable Light Up Shoes Sneakers For Toddlers Teens & Women Optical Fiber Dance Shoes

Led Luminous Flashing Soft Comfortable Light Up Shoes Sneakers For Toddlers Teens & Women Optical Fiber Dance Shoes Item NO: FU1008

US$ 64.99
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Product Name Led Luminous Flashing Soft Comfortable Light Up Shoes Sneakers For Toddlers Teens & Women Optical Fiber Dance Shoes
Item NO FU1008
Weight 0.3500 Kg
Category LED Luminous Shoes
Creation time 2017-10-01




I ordered my shoes on a Friday and they were delivered exactly as expected with Standard shipping. The product came in the shoebox with all the paper dressing stuffed in the toes. They are slightly charged when shipped, so the LEDs work, but it isn't a full charge. Shoe itself is a normal high top, stylish and fairly comfortable. All around, I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone.


Andrew brown

I love them! I'm a major shoe freak, as I'm always looking for new unique shoes to add to my collection. Off the top these have become my favorite pair. On top of them being affordable and comfortable;I have spent ALOT more money on way more expensive Nikes that I don't wear even half as much as these.

Oh and as far as the fit goes, They fit me great!! I hope this helps whoever seeks any knowledge in this product.


Tiffany McLauchlin

I purchased two different sizes for costumes my wife and I wore. One pair came with a double header micro-USB charging cord, minus the actual USB plug that goes into the outlet and the other pair didn't come with a cord or plug at all. The shoes were comfortable, but didn't have great instructions. So I'll provide them here based on my experience. Plug the micro USB into the inside of the shoe, charge for 4-5 hours and the shoes will blink RED dots as they are charging. Once the charge is complete, the shoes will light up as GREEN. This would have been a 5 star review if both pairs had the charging plug.



Oh my God, I'm so in love with this sneaker. It fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear. I received so many complements on it's looks & how cool it is especially when I have the lights on. I'm constantly being stopped by people asking me where they can purchase it. This is my honest opinion, I purchased this item with my own money.



They light up VERY brightly in various different colours including violet, red, blue (light blue too) white, and green. They can be set to either one solid colour or to colour changing or to flashing white. These shoes are pretty much exactly as described. I would recommend charging them before wearing them out, even though upon arrival they will be somewhat charged already, and you can turn them on and test them out, however, that wont last, so they do need to be fully charged before wearing. I bought them in 6.5 which is my regular size when it comes to sneaker shoes, and they fit great! They're perfect, I love them.



I got them yesterday and the first thing I did was inspect them because of some of the other reviews, they were perfect! I tried them on and I have a lil bit of room in them. I am a true 7.5 or 8 depends on whe makes the product in a women's size. I got an 8.5 bcuz I was scared they would to small if I got the 8. If u like them tight/snug get ur true size. I charged them up like the directions said the lights work amazingly well. I have had light up sandals so I could wait to get these! I will order again from this company! I'm at work so I didn't turn the lights on but u can set them to one color or have them flash in several colors slow or fast they are a great buy for any age!



Without the LEDs, the shoes look like normal sneakers. The LED lights make them a pair of fashionable shoes. LED lights are all around the bottom of the shoes and can display several colors. The control switches along with the charging ports are not inside the shoes near ankles. The quality of the shoes seems good too. It is a good buy for the price if you like LED shoes.



My Son loves these shoes. He enjoys dancing them. They light up great and the look awesome at night when we go to Disneyland . They are also comfortable but don't use them for running.



Bought these for my 8 year old, she loves them! We purchased a similar pair from another vendor but the quality was poor and the shoes would not charge. We are very happy with our purchase from, even bought a pair for our toddler!



I got these shoes to wear when I perform. I'm a drummer and wanted light up shoes for shows. I really wanted shoes that light up as you walk or add pressure to the shoe. These lights just stay on, which is ok. You can choose from a variety of colors and some colors will flash as opposed to just staying on. I only wore these shoes while performing, so I don't know how comfortable they would be in all day, but they were pretty comfortable while I wore them.



Ok so I bought these in the gold color a few months ago and they arrived in perfect condition 6 weeks later. Let me tell you, there is not a single place I can wear these without getting a compliment on how cool they are. I'm a high school teacher and my students flipped when they saw them light up. The lights work perfectly and have many different settings including solid colored light, flashing blue, and color changing. There's even a place in the shoe for charging. I haven't used that feature yet, but it may come in handy one day. I wore them out in the rain with no problems as well.

I was extremely skeptical buying these shoes. I've heard a lot of horror stories lately about people who order inexpensive products from China. There is nothing to worry about here. This is easily the best $30 I've ever spent which sounds ridiculous, but as a teacher I would do just about anything to earn me some street cred with my students. On top of that, they're comfortable enough for me to wear the entire day at work.

I love these shoes!! 100% recommend!! Would definitely buy again!! PS, I'm definitely not a bot.



The shoes are amazing once we got them in the mail I surprised my son when I got home from school and absolutely love them then my other son wanted a pair and we bought a pair so we have two pairs which they love and we are always getting comments on where we got them from and where to get them.



I ordered these shoes for my my son as a birthday present and he LOVES them! They are easy to charge and have a good battery life. None of the lights have stopped working and I'm very pleased with this purchase.



These sneakers look just like they do in the picture. I bought it for my 8 year old niece for Birthday and she literally fell out on the floor! Needless to say she loved it. I bought it a full size bigger and they fit perfectly. Great buy!



I love these! They are super cute and fit PERFECTLY. I am usually an 8/8.5 in women's and I ordered an 8.5. The quality isn't too bad, all the lights work and the charger ports work. Could anyone let me know how safe these are to wear when it's raining though?



Thank you . Everything was absolutely wonderful!!! My daughter has been wanting these for months now and I finally decided at Birthday time . She was ecstatic:) thank you for helping me achieve the greatest smile on Birthday Day :) !!! I'll definitely recommend you guys.



These are awesome!!! I ordered a size for my 10 year old son. They fit perfectly & he absolutely loves them!!! Great quality and shoe for price. Arrived very quick. The lights are so colorful with 8 settings to chose from. Very easy to turn on and off and to charge.


Candice Hernandez

I bought them for my 12 yr old daughter. She absolutely loves them! Every time she wears them everyone stops to ask her where she got them from and sometimes they even ask her to wear them or push the buttons to make them turn on. She mostly wears them on Fridays some football games or holidays. Excellent customer service as well. Im thinking about buying my own pair for walks at night.



Bought these for my younger sister as a Birthday gift. They arrived much earlier than expected and work great. I bought both a black and white pair, not sure how true to size they are yet since she hasn't been given them but the LED's work fantastic and charging is easy. The box they came in was bent up etc in shipping - no fault to the seller - just be aware you may have to re-box these if they are a gift. Look really neat lit up and they give you a dual charging cord that both charges and syncs them up.



The shoes are amazing and my daughter loves them so that's all that matters to a parent lol!! I would definitely recommend these shoes, The LED light flashes or stays a solid color depending on what you want. It comes with a charging cable but not the part that plugs in the wall.